Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Your Old Makeup May Contain Staph and Meningitis Bacteria

Image courtesy: The Daily Mail

If there's one thing that will make me start tossing my old makeup into the trash like a mad woman, it's reading about how many products past their expiration dates contain Meningitis bacteria. Death by lip gloss is not the way I want to go.

There is an article in the Daily Mail that discusses not only the dangers of old makeup but of selling old and used makeup. I admit that I swapped makeup on beauty forums many times in the past. Now I'm wondering how I didn't end up with a case of pink eye or space herpes. Even if a makeup has been "sanitized", has that really killed off all the various critters that could be living within? Short answer is nope.

I try to keep my paraben free makeup collection pared down these days. If you use organic or paraben free products, the shelf and open life will be shorter than products with a grenade of preservatives. While reading the DM article, all I could think about are the You Tube people and their giant makeup collections worth thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars of potential Meningitis exposure.

There are some simple ways to help keep your makeup sanitary and you healthy.
  • If you have a health issue such as strep throat, cold sores, eye infection, skin flare-ups, etc., throw away the makeup you used during this time. Otherwise, you will likely re-infect yourself from the bacteria transferred to your products.
  • Use common sense. If something smells off or changes consistency, toss it.
  • Check expiration dates before you buy. You will find new and old stock mixed together on a shelf. Think of it like buying milk, the fresher the better.
  • Empty out your purse and take a good look at any products you have in there. Bet you could carbon date some of it.
  • Don't buy products in a pot. Think of all the pot lip glosses people are dipping dirty fingers in.
  • Buy foundation and skin products in a pump bottle when possible.
  • Clean those makeup dingleberries from pump and squeeze containers with an alcohol wipe.
  • Clean your smeared up lipstick and lipgloss tubes with an alcohol wipe.
  • Sharpen eye and lip pencils before using to remove outer film.
  • Keep a black Sharpie with your makeup. Write the opened date in a couple places on the container so there's no guessing about the age.
  • On the labels of makeup, shampoo, lotion, etc. you should see a flip cap with a number. That number is how many months the product is still safely usable after opening. Remember: products can still go bad before this date is up. Pay attention to the smell and any changes in color or consistency.

makeup open expiration label on bottom of a container
Image courtesy: The Chic Site

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zoya Nail Polish - Earth Day Polish Exchange

Zoya Nail Polish is doing their Earth Day 2015 nail polish exchange. Today through next Tuesday (April 28, 2015), you can get 50% off your nail polish order when you purchase a minimum of 6 bottles. The "exchange" part comes when you send them bottles of your unwanted nail polish. The original intent was to change out polish with bad ingredients for Zoya's Big5Free polish. I sent them all of mine during previous campaigns. My nail polish collection is almost exclusively Zoya and Sinful now.

Happy shopping

With over 300 shades rooted in a healthy philosophy, it’s no surprise that we’re committed to helping you green your beauty routine! That’s why each year we give you the opportunity to exchange any old nail polish bottles that you may have laying around your house collecting dust, or that are not BIG5FREE formulas, for brand new toxin-free* Zoya Nail Polish shades. You can rest assured that your unwanted polishes will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Helping the earth is easy… all you have to do to get started is pick out your NEW Zoya colors at www.zoya.com, follow the instructions below and checkout. Let us do the rest!
How The Exchange Works...
1. Visit www.zoya.com and add a minimum of 6 bottles of polish (no more than 24 bottles) to your cart. Minimum 12, maximum 48 for professional accounts.
2. Apply Code: EARTHLUV and a 50% credit will be added to your exchange order - free shipping included!
3. Complete checkout and you're all set! If you need further instructions on sending back your unwanted polish click HERE.

The exchange runs on the honor system, which means you are not obligated to send in your unwanted polish - we assume you're going to do the right thing! Many people donate the polish to a local cause instead, which we fully support. If you choose to send back your polishes, please check with your carrier of choice for shipping guidelines and restrictions for nail polish. For full promotion terms & conditions and instructions on how to send in your polish,click HERE.
Offer valid 4/21/15 - 4/28/15 (11:59pm EST)