Saturday, September 27, 2008

GDA: Big Lots Makeup Brushes

I hit Big Lots today in search of a line of makeup brushes I saw reviewed on YouTube by EmilyNoel83 and Raine. They didn't have the exact brushes that were reviewed, but I think I did pretty well. Two new makeup brushes for $2.
One brush was a baby kabui face brush by Studio Basics and the other a concealer brush by Essential Tools. Although these are different brand names, they both belong to the same mother company, They also make a line of eco makeup tools, although I haven't seen that one in a store yet.

Both of these bear a STRONG resemblance to the Essence of Beauty brush line that is carried exclusively at CVS, for a fraction of the price. The baby kabuki is natural hair and feels just like my goat hair kabuki. The concealer brush is stiff but soft and is synthetic. Definitely a steal. Not all Big Lots will carry these, but swing by the makeup aisle just in case.


  1. I purchased a couple of those Essential Tools brushes plus the Studio Basics Petite face brush last week at my Big Lots. I was surprised to find a stippling brush, as well, from the Essential Tools line.

    Overall, the brushes are great and hey, can't complain about the prices!

  2. They do have some surprisingly good brushes. I wish they were just more consistent about putting products on the shelves. Be sure to check out all the Big Lots in your area if you have more than one.