Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Great Paraben Purge of 2008

My first blog entry. I wanted to give an introduction to my Paraben-free life and why I choose to avoid products that contain Parabens. I purged all of my health and beauty products and am currently rebuilding with healthy, organic, Paraben-free products. Welcome to the journey!

I had watched a couple of videos on You Tube about the cancer dangers of Paraben preservatives in makeup and started to wonder if any of the products I used contained them. I pulled out all of my makeup and squinted my way through dozens of microscopic labels. Every single item I used except for my mineral makeup contained Parabens. Some of them contained multiple Parabens, a couple contained ALL the Parabens. I was stunned, scared and more than a little ticked off. Products and brands that I had been loyal to for YEARS had betrayed me.

Fearing the worst, I opened my bathroom closet door and began reading the labels on all of my shampoos, conditioners, lotions and potions that I had spent months carefully squirreling away. Not only was everything full of Parabens, but they also contained two crazy words starting with 'Methyl'. These were the end ingredients on all of my shampoo and conditioners. MIT and MCI (see 'learn more about chemicals') are two widely used preservatives and biocides to keep products on the shelf longer. One is linked to nerve and brain damage and the other to chemical burns and allergies.

I grabbed two laundry baskets and started tossing the chemical offenders out of the closet. When I was done, I had two tubes of toothpaste and a box of Kleenex left. I usually laughed at the 'hippie tree huggers' who were always warning about chemicals in products, but there it was in front of my face, on my face, in my hair, and on my skin. They had to go!

What I didn't toss in the trash, I have sold on E-Bay or Craig's List or just gave away. Everything you see in these photos are either full of Parabens and/or MIT and MCI.


  1. have you tried mychelle dermaceuticals ( yet? I purchased her trial packs off vitacost and was very impressed! At first, the samples seemed small, but they actually lasted me weeks. I love her stuff, although it is pricey. Thank goodness for vitacost!

    Dolly x

  2. She's new to me. I'm on her website checking it out right now.