Monday, September 22, 2008

Product Review: Simply Naturals Mineral Eye Shadow

Samples: None to purchase, baggies included with order
Full Size Products: $1.89
Shipping: (For Priority Mail)
Shipping cost is based on a flat amount method.
$0.01 USD - $9.99 ----> $5.95
$10.00 USD - $49.99 ---->$7.95
$50.00 USD - $99.99 ----> $14.95

Product Quality: 5/5
Turn Around Time: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Simply Naturals sells multiple makeup items, but this review is specifically for their eye shadow. Their eye shadows are 5 gram pots and completely full to the top. There is no sifter and the product is packed in tightly. Excellent amount of product for $1.89.

All of the colors I purchased are rich and have a great shimmer. I plan on pressing these shadows (putting them in pans like regular shadow) and want to buy more. I have not found a better deal for the amount of product. But, the killer on this may be the shipping. The shipping charge is per $$$ spent instead of by weight. I would rather pay a little more per product, but I guess it evens out in the end. Even with the shipping, still the best eyeshadow deal around.

I purchased the Blackstar Collection along with several individual colors. You can see the video of these on my You Tube Channel.

Blackstar Gold, Blue, Green and Red
(fingers image from website).

Metallic Colors Collection

They also have an E-Bay store which may have better prices depending on how many items you are buying. Definitely worth a try if you like metallic eyeshadows.

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  1. omg those colors are lovely !
    I mix my perfume oil with Vodka :) the cheapest kind would do they job hehehe

    awesome haul !