Sunday, September 7, 2008

Product Review: Spell Cosmetics Nail Polish

Store: Spell
Price: $5.99
Color: 'Spell - A metallic, polychromatic Black Orchid fusion with reflections of Blue and Violet'.
Ingredients: No Formaldehyde, No Tolulene, No DBP
Performance: 3.5+/5
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Despite my blase' rating of this product, I did order two more shades from them. One thing I really liked was that this polish dries FAST! Not much longer than the special quick dry products - but without the Formaldehyde and Tolulene. It seems to wear off instead of chip, which was a very different experience for me. I didn't use a topcoat and I started losing color by the second day.

This polish lost points for multiple issues. First, two coats are needed, one is not enough coverage for a dark color. Second this looks like plain old dark raspberry on my nails, not the metallic description. Lastly, Spell does not list out the ingredients for any products on their website and their polish does not come with an ingredients label. You only know what is not in their products. Overall, I think they are a good company and are trying, they just need to make their product information available to customers.

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  1. youre my new best friend! i just ordered a spell girl starter kit, and saved your page & spell to my favorites :) i really trust your product critiques,because they are very specific.