Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Product Review: Aphrodite's Elements Organic Lip Gloss

Store: http://www.organic-girls.com/
Price: $4.00
Color: Honey, Cherry .25 oz
Ingredients: Organic Canola Oil, Organic Soy Wax, fractionated Coconut Oil, flavors and micas.
Performance: 2/5
Overall Rating:2/5

Organic Girl's products give a portion of sales to an animal charity and is a natural product, so I really wanted to like their lip gloss. I even bought two on my first order because I knew they would be great. I am very disappointed. I think the problem is the Canola Oil that they use to make the lip gloss. The Cherry color is very thin and you can see the oil in the product sliding up and down the tube. The Honey color is thicker, but neither really put much color on your lips. Even lack of color aside, I would have liked them if they had been moisturizing. The oil absorbed instantly and made my lips feel extremely dry. I had to reapply three times in one hour and it kept getting worse, it felt like the skin on my lips was puckering. Eventually, I wiped the remnants off and put on some Spell Cosmetics gloss and the skin finally relaxed. A very uncomfortable hour wearing this product. Avoid unless they reformulate.

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