Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clever Product: Loose Mineral Makeup Compact

What's old is new again. I own a couple of antique powder compacts. These are loose powder compacts that have a screen to keep the powder from going everywhere and to dispense a little at a time using a puff. I have these more for beauty than functionality so I went in search of a modern version to replace my paraben-filled drugstore compact. I found this one over at LureBeauty for $9.99.

From the website:

"This compact with mirror is GREAT for traveling around with your mineral foundation or setting powder. You can comfortably fit mineral foundation up to 8 grams (you may be able to fit more but we don't like to put any more than 8 grams ourselves). This is great for your purse; just twist open and put your minerals in the bottom, then twist the top back on. There are sifter holes so that you can use just the right amount of minerals; comes with a makeup buffing sponge & mirror."

I will probably buy one of these. I like that you just screw the top off and fill it up. A little iffy on how much product may come out while in my purse, but I guess it will be okay as long as I don't roll it down the stairs. I really prefer this version with a puff that can be washed and replaced over those jars with the puffs attached. I don't see these being very hygienic.

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  1. I have got the idea you are trying to give in the post but its terrible that I am not able to see the pictures. Are they removed or what because they are not even opening on clicking them.