Monday, September 8, 2008

When Is A Paraben Not A Paraben?

Manufacturers are catching on that smart consumers are actually reading their labels now and actively avoiding some ingredients. I often see labels with only MP or PP listed as an ingredient. Laziness, or trying to pull one over on consumers? MP = Methylparaben and PP = Propylparaben.

Other names for our Paraben friends are:

· Benzyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Methyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Ethyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Propyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Butyl-parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Parahydroxybenzoic acid (p-hydroxybenzoic acid)

· Parahydroxybenzoate (p-hydroxybenzoate)

From DermNet NZ

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