Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Wonkiness

Something strange has been going on with my blog layout and template the past several days. I didn't change anything in my blog set up, but the right menu is a mess with broken chunks and cutting off text and links. I will play with it this evening and see if I can get things fixed. I may end up with a different-looking page, but at least all the info will still be there (hopefully)!

Edit: Well, after spending 2 hours poking around in my page code and trying different page templates that all had the same problem, I figured it out. When I cut the displayed posts from 10 to 5, my page was fixed. When I went to the second page, it was broken again. The problem was broken code in one of my posts where I put in a clickable link. It's all better now. Whew.

1 comment:

  1. This isn't on-topic, but I wanted to say I'm glad I found your blog. I try as hard as I can to keep parabens out of my haircare, skincare and bath products, but a few of them sneak in anyways, and some of my very favorite cosmetics have them too. I just can't give some of them up. :(

    Isn't it tiring to go online, see a product you'd love to try and find ethyl, methyl and all of their friends in the ingredients list?

    What's worse is when you email a company and they'll tell you that the products need to be preserved and using parabens is the safest way to do that. Then why can other companies find a way to do it without parabens? I wish the FDA would ban them already!

    Thanks for starting this great blog!