Thursday, October 9, 2008

Check It Out: Mach3

I was having a bubble bath last night thinking how much I love my Mach3 razor. The Mach3 was released a decade ago as a men's razor. Gillette did come out with the female version called the Venus, which I did not like as much as the Mach3. There have been multiple versions and updates of this razor released, but IMHO, the Mach3 is still the best razor ever made. As you can tell from this blog, I like to try new products, and have used every razor put out on the US market in the past decade. I always go back to the Mach3.

Why so great? With the flat head and 3 blades, the Mach3 can shave what you need with one swipe. I have tried the razors with 4 and 5 blades and none match the overall usefulness of the Mach3. The flatter the head, the more control you have and the less likely to slip or the blade to pop off the handle. I took a chunk out of my leg while using the Gillette Fusion (5 blade) because I had to keep going over the same spot and the blade popped off.

My absolute favorite thing about this razor is that it is fantastic with shaving long hair. If you have ever gone hippie and then changed your mind, you will just love this razor. It shaves long hair just as well as short stubble. But, the Holy Grail feature is that the hair easily rinses out of the blades. Just wave it under the shower head or give it a shake in the tube, the hair is gone. Every other brand and type of razor I have ever used basically weaves hair between the blades making it almost impossible to clean out. I've gotten very good at tossing razors from the bathtub into my trash can. One of the most ridiculous razors I ever used was the Schick Intuition. It is a bulky piece of plastic junk with soap chunks included with the blades. Ugh.

The downside with any razor these days is the cost of replacement cartridges, for any razor brand. In the store, they easily go for $2+ each. I buy them off of E-Bay. I usually get a dozen or so blades at a time and usually pay around $.80 each including shipping. Be sure you are buying the cartridges for the original Mach3 razors. Other Gillette blades will fit, but won't give you the same performance.

Store: Walgreens
Price: $8.79
Included: 1 razor, two cartridges (includes the one already in the razor)

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