Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check Them Out: Honeybee Gardens

I am always on the lookout for new Paraben Free product websites and ran across Honeybee Gardens last night. Along with having Paraben Free cosmetics and body products, they also have some interesting innovative products I wanted to share.

Watercolors Peel Off Nail Polish
Price: $5.99, 6 colors
Non-toxic: no toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, FD&C colors
- Water-based, not solvent-based like traditional polish
- Odor-free! No more nasty fumes
- No need for nail polish remover – this product peels off
- Provides great coverage at a great price
- Beautiful trendy colors
- Great for kids or teens who change polish frequently
- Great for those special occassions where you want to wear polish and remove the next day
- Lasts a few days before it's time to peel off and try a new color!
- Nothing else like it on the market – totally unique

I remember using Cutex nail polish back in the early 80's that peeled off, but I think that was probably more of a design flaw than an intentional benefit. I ordered a couple of these. I think it would rock to be able to peel and be done. Especially useful for people who like to change out colors frequently.

Watercolors NON-Peel Off Polish
Price $6.99, 20 colors
For those who want an alternative to solvent-based nail enamel, we've got the solution for you! Our unique water-based polish is totally odor-free! No more nasty fumes. But perhaps best of all, there's also no need for toxic smelly nail polish remover - this product removes with rubbing alcohol, vodka/grain alcohol or our new Odorless Polish Remover! Thanks to our new patented technology, there's nothing else like it on the market!

How cool is that? Not only do both of these polishes not have those headache causing stank fumes, the regular one can be removed with alcohol. No more acetone or other funky chemicals to take it off.

Shadowcolors Eye Shadow
Price: $2.99 Clearance - Get on it!
A unique aloe-based crème-to-powder formula that glides on smooth thanks to our revolutionary sponge-tip applicator. No more broken powder spilled in your make up bag or lost applicators. Soft, silky all-day color glides on with just a twist. Fabulous colors blend easily to a powdery finish, even on the go. Waterproof, work-out proof but removes easily with soap and water. Contains meadow sweet and echinacea to reduce puffiness as well as green tea and gotu kola to regenerate skin cells and smooth fine lines.

This appears to be minerals in a liquid base. I thought the delivery tool was interesting. That's one of those screw up felt tip lip gloss tubes. I bought one of these to check it out.

Truly Natural Lipstick
Price: $9.99, 20 colors
You need the protection only a lip balm can provide. But you also want the color of a lipstick. Why compromise? Our lipstick combines lip-quenching botanicals with natural ingredients to give you all the benefits of both! PARABEN-FREE!! No mineral oil, no FD&C colors. Only natural beneficial ingredients like coconut oil which penetrates and moisturizes lips, shea butter which protects your lips, sesame seed oil to heal and soften, vitamin E as an anti-oxidant, and pure botanical extracts which act as a 100% natural preservative.

You can order samples of these for .50. They actually send you a slice off a lipstick tube instead of using a special sample batch. I ordered samples of 5 colors, they look really good on the website.

Shipping is based on $$$. $0 - $25 is $5.95.

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  1. How did the Honeybee garden items work out? The items look promising based on the descriptions. How long before the nail polish peeled off? Did the eye shadows and lip stick last once you put them on? Do you still recommend their items? Don't want to waste money on a product that doesn't work even if it is safe. Thank you.