Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fairness of Reviews: Hold the Sample Products

I have been receiving requests from companies who want to send me their products to try so I can write about them on this blog. I have turned them all down. You may think I'm nuts for not accepting free products in exchange for a review, especially since you know I am one of the tightest people on the planet, but I want to keep my reviews clean and unbiased. I realize this blog isn't exactly Consumer Reports but I want to keep it as honest and straightforward as possible. I don't feel that I can give a fair and unbiased review on a product I didn't purchase myself.

My stance on this comes from working in a corporate environment for 20 years where companies try to grease me with something shiny in order to get a leg up on their competitors. I realize there are many bloggers and YouTubers who do accept and even solicit samples, products, and gifts from companies to review. I have no issues with them, it's their decision to make. For the companies, it is a very smart marketing practice. Low cost advertising for them and maximum exposure to their intended audiences.

If you own a company or website and would like to be featured on this blog, please send me your information. I will go check it out with the eyes of a potential customer and then post about any products I think will be of interest to my readers. I don't mind receiving these type of requests. I try to find as many companies that offer Paraben Free products as possible on my own, but I can't be everywhere on the web.

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