Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haul: Coastal Scents Mini Haul

I got in a Coastal Scents mini-haul today. I had ordered a couple scented oils and a flat top makeup brush. I like to brew my own perfume and since we are into Fall, I picked 'Candy Corn' and 'Pumpkin Spice' for a Halloween perfume mix. I also received a generous sample bag of 'Cerise Flambe' Mica Powder.

Coastal Scents is mostly known for their eyeshadow palettes (don't buy them - PARABENS!), but they also have quite a bit of do-it-yourself ingredients.

Be sure and sign up for their newsletter, Kathy sends sales updates every Friday.

Neither of the bottles of oil look like what is presented on the website, but I am assuming they are 2 oz as advertised. $2.99 each.

The flat top makeup brush is nice and heavy. I haven't washed it yet. It REALLY smells like acrylic paint to me. It is described as pony hair. I had a pony, it never smelled like this. Hopefully, I will be able to wash the funk out. At least it was cheap. $4.25. They do have a large brush selection, you might want to check out some You Tube videos for reviews before you buy. A lot of people complain about the bad smell of their brushes.

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