Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cosmetic Restriction Diet - Less Is More

I was going through my bookmarks and re-read an article from the NY Times about the Cosmetics Restriction Diet - how the fewer products you use, the better. It's always been my philosophy that the less you mess with your skin the less problems it will cause you. Same for hair, nails, etc. You use a cleanser because your skin is oily which strips the natural oils making you use a moisturizer that breaks you out and you use an acne product which causes your skin to product more oil so you use more cleanser... Get the picture?

It's the same deal with cosmetics. You don't need to use 20 different products when only two or three will do everything you need. Remember that when you are packing on the makeup, you are packing on the chemicals. Even if you only use organic and Paraben Free products, you are still rubbing a pretty interesting mix of possible irritants into your skin.

I recommend you don't use any of the products mentioned in this article. They all contain Parabens.

"The Consumer Reports study found, for example, that a three-step regimen of Olay Regenerist products costing $57 was slightly more effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles than a $135 tube of StriVectin-SD or a $335 combination of two La Prairie Cellular lotions."


  1. Yep. Olay's Regenerist line has at least 2 Parabens in all of their products. You can see their full line and the ingredients on the Walgreens website.

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