Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making Your Mineral Eyeshadow Last

This one is for Kikobrat. She wanted to know why her mineral eyeshadow disappeared when she tried to blend it. The trick to increasing the color payoff and lasting power of eyeshadow is to foil it. This just means using water or a mixing medium (water and glycerin) when you apply it. I use Milani Runway eyeshadow most days for work. I always use a mixing medium and apply it wet. One day I was running late and tried to use them normally - dry. I brushed and brushed color color onto my lids and barely any color. By the end of the day, it was all gone. When I apply wet, it's there all day and only comes off when I remove my makeup at night.

You don't necessarily have to press your mineral eyeshadow for this to work, I just find it more convenient. You can use the loose mineral just fine. The trick is to use very little of the minerals. Below is the step-by-step I use with loose minerals. Try it, adjust it and see if it improves your color and wearability.

Tools used: 3 eyeshadow brushes - An old ratty brush, a Lowe Cornell goat hair paint brush, an Elf eyeshadow brush. Mixing medium - 3 parts water to 1 part glycerin in a squirt bottle. Tissue. Plastic top from old makeup palette - or something to mix on.

1. I start with the lightest colors and work my way up. I take the ratty brush, touch it to the mineral eyeshadow and tap the contents onto the plastic top. You don't need to dip, just touching will give you more than enough. Wipe it on tissue before using next color.

2. I put a single drop of the mixing medium on the back of my hand. You can put the drop anywhere, but I use my hand. I take my Lowe Cornell brush and dip both sides in the drop. If it get too wet, touch it to the tissue.

3. I touch both sides of the Lowe Cornell into the minerals and apply in smooth strokes. I repeat application of the color if necessary.

4. I wipe the brush on the tissue and move to the next color until look is completed. I don't try to blend at this point, I am just applying.

5. You will be able to tell whether the shadow is still wet without actually needing to touch it. Once your eyelids are no longer wet, you can blend your eyeshadow as usual. I use the Elf eyeshadow brush for this.

6. Be sure to wash your wet brush after you are done. I wash mine every day and the others a couple times a week.


  1. Omg! Thank you so much, it worked :) I think I can cut down the time it takes, after I get used to the routine. I blended away, yeah, and everything stayed put. Thank you for taking time to post this for me. My husband even said it looked good (while he was watching tv and never took his eyes off the screen)

  2. i really like your blog!
    i mix my afterglow eyeliner and shadows with their oraganic color lock. it is 100% natural and i've found it works a lot better than mixing with water. i feel like my eye make-up slides so easily, but with the color lock it won't budge!

    they also have a lot of great colors and are totally paraben free! yay!

    :) gloria