Friday, November 28, 2008

Pur Minerals - 20%, Free Shipping

I'm not a fan of Pur Minerals because they use Bismuth (skin irritant) in their products. If you like them, now is the time to stock up.

They also have a B1G1F on a few products: Here

THANKS20 - 20% off your order - Expires 11/30/08
Free Standard Shipping on any order: Expires 12/01/08

Holiday Palette. B1G1F. $25


  1. Hi Dolores, Sorry I left you a message here. I don't have your email so you can just delete this after reading it. I just want to know what do you use as a moisturizer/cleancer for your face? Also, what can you recommend for kids shampoo and soaps? I just recently found out about parabens and want to take it off our system and possibly take out those other harmful ingredients too!!
    Thank you so much, Charisse

  2. Thanks for sharing the to work fine with me!

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  4. Love it! There is so many toxins and preservatives in our food and cosmetics these days! Thanks for propoting healthier options we can all use!