Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spell Cosmetics Lip-a-Palooza!

Spell Cosmetics is really trying to drive me insane. Along with their Polish collection and the Shadow collection, they are now offering the all of their Obvious Lip Glosses. The Spell lip glosses are the best of any I have tried so far and they have great color.

You get all 11 colors for $5 each. They are normally $7.99. $55 for all and an extra 25% off with their VIP card. Free shipping included.

From the website:

Get all 11 Spell Glosses at a discount! You've seen the Youtube reviews, you know that they are unbeatable, and you know that they are the newest fad! Buy today and we'll throw in priority shipping, Same Day! Individually for $7.99 each- You pay $5.00 each when you buy the kit!!! HUGE DISCOUNT FOR VIP MEMBERS WITH YOUR 25% OFF!

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