Friday, December 5, 2008

GDA: Yves Rocher 50% Off Sale

Yves Rocher has 50% off most items on their website along with FREE shipping on $15 or more. They have nice perfume and various products. Be sure to check the ingredients listings because there are a few Parabens floating around on the site.


  1. Hiya, I just found your fun website whilst searching for information on Milk of Magnesia. I love the information you have posted.
    Thanks for all you do- keep the info coming!

  2. I just found there are parabens in my Yves Rocher babyshampoo, for real! I'm going to ask them about that.

  3. I asked Yves Rocher about the use of parabens in their products since I found they use it in the shampoo for children (and other products) and their only comment was: it's legal...