Monday, December 22, 2008

Internet Has Been Down

My internet has been on the fritz since Friday. The entire weekend without the innerweb. **SHUDDER** I'm trying to catch up on everything I do throughout the web. I'll be posting some new things on here in the next couple of hours.

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  1. Hi Paraben Free princess - Take it easy when the comps go down. I say that butI would be a big mess too. Hey I wabted to put a bug in your ear about the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Site for Safe Cosmetics...just one more thing for you to put on your to do list.

    Please remind your readers that they have a lot of old info and that really concerns me. The public has come to trust them and I am not sure it is warranted. We are all trying to stay informed and to do that we need accurate and up to date info.

    I have contacted them about this design flaw, but they have not replied. Just a thought...reader beware!!