Thursday, December 11, 2008

Silk Naturals Christmas Sale

Just had this pop up in my mailbox. Silk Naturals has Christmas specials and purchase bonuses going on. They have great products and are the company that has mineral versions of MAC, Nars, BB, etc. In the forums, you can even REQUEST a dupe of a particular product.


I'll admit it- I'm a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to Holiday shopping...I still have to shop for quite a few people (including DH). I'm guessing there are more than a few people like me- so I've decided to extend our Holiday Sale.

I made some special lippies, and a new glow for this sale. The lippies are just what you need for the holiday season- they're sheer, light, fun, but still pretty and polished- and they're chocked full of very nourishing butters. Orders over $10 get a 3-gram jar of Crinoline Glow- our clone of MAC's Pettiecoat mineralize skin finish- it's a beautiful nudish pink with flecks of gold. It's gorgeous dusted on cheekbones, or lovely as a lippie. Orders over $25 get Peace- a very sheer shimmering pink with just a hint of gold- and flavored with vanilla and mint plus Crinoline. Orders over $40 get Joy a reddish coral peach color that's flavored with the most juicy, yummy peach flavor, plus Crinoline and Peace. Orders over $50 get all the free stuff, plus the Kisser Slicker of your choice for FREE! After that for every $25 you spend- you get another free Kisser Slicker!

There's still the $5.00 off shipping for orders over $100, and completely free shipping for orders over $150!

For truly last-minute shoppers- or the still undecided we've also added gift certificates to the site!

The sale ends December 20 so we can ship everything to you in time to put it under the tree.

Thank you again for all of your support- and have a wonderful holiday!

Take care,

Karen and the Silk Naturals Crew

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