Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Cause Breast Tissue Growth in Boys

Reader Isabelle sent me a note and in it mentioned hearing a warning about Lavender oil on Dr. Dean Edell's show a while back. Since a lot of baby and children's products do contain lavender and tea tree oil, this is definitely worth taking a few minutes to read. If something as natural as lavender can have such a crazy effect on the body, imagine what the chemical concoction of Parabens are doing...

Breast tissue growth in boys is known as
gynecomastia. The article from the New England Journal states the effect on girls and women is unknown, but you do the math.

ABC News Report
New England Journal of Medicine - for the full medical breakdown


  1. I read this report some time ago. It is a respectable journal and the author doesn't seem to have any particular axe to grind. Products like lavender oil have been shown to have biological activity so what he is reporting isn't unlikely in itself.

    But I have been waiting for someone else to confirm his observation. As we all know, there is plenty of lavender oil about and thanks to this paper lots of medical professionals will be looking out for this effect. So far, none has appeared. There is no precedent for this observation in folklore either.

    I have spent some time researching the literature on lavender oil for an e-book I have written, and I haven't come across anything that backs up this paper.

    Until the same problem is reported independently I am going to be sceptical.

  2. years ago my brother-in-law who has a doctorate, told me he had read in a science/medical journal that lavender made boy's get boobs. I have never used lavender on my son, just in case. It was strange because right after that WalMart had everything lavender that was johnson and johnson on clearance.