Monday, February 16, 2009

Spell Cosmetics - Crown Jewel Liquid Liners

Spell Cosmetics has created 9 new colors of liquid eyeliner for 2009. These are made with Jojoba oil {applause}. Check them out!

Crown Jewel Liners - $11.99

Unbeatable quality, unrivaled staying power! Our newest line even adds jojoba as a moisturizer! 1/4" Synthetic fine brush Tip.

A little proud mama blurb from the Spell Blog:

During the past year Spell has become so trendy that we have been forced to create lines that are impecable when it comes to quality. We've had, sampled. tested and sold others, but its time to scrap the gels and powders for a liner that will become this years #1 seller. Our "Crown Jewel" line has 9 distinctive colours. Forget transferring and lets add a bit of jojoba (moisturizing). Visit our store today and check out this new line, we promise you wont be disappointed!

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  1. Liquid liner is a little less easy to do, gives a thicker, smoother line than gel, liquid liner is not pigment like gel liners. Also comes in fewer shades. Jail lasts longer. Pencil liners are the simplest type of eyeliner. Does not smear easily, traps with a smooth and even split on the eyelid. The eye pencil is incredibly easy to use for quick application.