Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spell Cosmetics - Get Your VIP Discount Before You Buy

These guys are wearing me out. MORE great Spell deals!

If I understand the e-mail correctly, all three of these collections come with the Spell VIP Card (25% off and free shipping - $10 value).

If you contact Spell at their customer service address below, they will send you your VIP card info BEFORE you buy the collection so you save 25% right off the top!

Think Spring! Huge discounts on the "All 40 Shadow Kit", "Im a Spell Girl Kit", and the full "Gloss kit". All three come with VIP, but for a limited time you can receive your 25% of VIP membership IN ADVANCE! So, if you've been eyeing these send us an email at cservice@spellcosmetics.com and get your VIP via email before you buy!!!!

I'm a Spell Girl Kit: Link
40 Shadow Kit: Link
Full Gloss Kit (I think): Link

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