Monday, April 27, 2009

E-bay Brush Roll

Received a brush roll and brushes I purchased on E-bay for a whopping $4.19. They came from China, so it took about 2 weeks. I bought this specifically for the brush roll. Since they didn't show the brushes in the picture, I figured those would just be a throwaway. I was very surprised. The brushes are not the highest quality, but they are usable. They are a mix of natural and syntheic hair and have pretty pink handles. I just gave them my castille soap treatment wash and there was no dye bleeding and I only lost one hair on the big brush.

The brush roll stunk to high heaven when I opened the package. It is synthetic leather and had that chemical smell to it. It's only been airing out for a few minutes and there is little smell left. The material is a pink opalescent color and is a thick pleather. Everything is very washable - which is what I was after. Below is the link to the seller I purchased from. I've seen others selling it as well.

Link to auctions


  1. Hi. These brushes are lovely! I received my first brush set on 29 april. I bought EcoTools brushes and it's amazing! It's made with a bamboo handle, synthetic Taklon Bristles and a ferule made from recycled aluminum. Check it out.

  2. Basic Brushes MSQ Makeup Brush Set is 15 pcs Professional Cosmetic Brushes. Have Soft Natural / Synthetic Hair, Foundation, Powder, BB Cream, Eyeliner, Concealer I use all the time, Foundation, Cream Blush and Gel Eyeliner. Synthetic hair does not wet make-up like natural brushes,