Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blog Comments Update

Hello, everyone! Sorry I have not updated in a few days. My two jobs have been wearing me out. I have a ton of hauls and new Paraben Free websites I need to post on.

I have changed the settings on this blog so that
only registered users can post. I had already set the comments up for my approval before they are published, but apparently that is not enough.

I never realized there were so many hateful crazies on the web until I put up this site. I had an entire box full of hateful and poorly spelled comments when I logged in this evening. They all appear to be from the same anonymous person, at least I hope it's only one person. I don't understand why someone would bother reading and posting vitriolic comments on my PARABEN FREE blog if they don't believe that Parabens and other chemicals are a danger. I don't suffer fools easily. Please go crawl back under your rock.

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