Thursday, May 14, 2009

ELF Just p*ssed me off!

Grrr... Shoulda known better. Received an e-mail this morning from ELF with the title '75% OFF e.l.f.' for a special 2-hour sale from 2-4 EST this afternoon. I didn't post about it because the title said 75% off but the coupon inside said 50% off their mineral makeup. Um, okay. Which is it? I wanted to try their mineral lipstick, so I blocked off some time this afternoon to (hopefully) buy them at the 75% off price. The site was being hammered and I spent 20 minutes just getting product into my cart only to have ELF dump the whole thing when I tried to check out. Added everything again and found that only their Mineral50 code was working, not the Mineral75. They have 50% off codes all the time, what was the point in the super special 2-hour sale?

I found a discussion on a deals board I read and someone had called ELF and was told the 75% was a typo. Yeah...

ELF Shenanigans

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  1. elf messes up all the time! One time I ordered 4 things and they sent me 22!!!