Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nail Polish Remover Recall

I am currently digging around for an effective, natural, and non-stinkly polish remover and ran across this post over at All Lacquered Up. I swear I have seen this on the shelves of my local dollar store.

Photo from the website.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- April 29, 2009 -- Personal Care Products of Bingham Farms, MI is voluntarily conducting a nationwide recall of all lots of Personal Care non-acetone nail polish remover, conditioner enriched with gelatin, 6 fl. oz., UPC 4815592076, because it does not meet product specifications and has the potential to cause chemical burns to the fingers of users.

The product has been sold nationwide in small discount retail stores and retailers are being instructed to remove the product from sale and to return it to Personal Care Products.

Personal Care has received two complaints of burns to the fingers resulting from the use of the product.

Any person who purchased a bottle of Personal Care non-acetone nail polish remover, conditioner enriched with gelatin is urged to return it to the store of purchase for a refund. Consumers with questions may contact Personal Care Products at 1-248-258-1555, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. EDT.


  1. Hey! I paint my nails too much! And I know there are so many bad things in the polish and the remover, but a recall?! CRAZY!

    As for a greener recommendation, try PeaceKeeper polish and remover - It's all natural, so it's not as affective as the more chemical-based products.

    OR try the Essie naturally clean remover. It seriously works in one swipe, but it still has an odor, but the after smell is more pleasant than gross.

  2. I've been trying to buy that Peacekeeper nail polish remover for 2 months now! It never seems to be in stock. There are other removers from organic companies out there with similar ingredients, but they also have a heftier price tag.