Thursday, August 13, 2009

ELF 75% Off Studio Line Products

Edit: In case you are new to this blog, most of the ELF makeup is full of Parabens and MCI/MIT. This includes all of their $1 makeup and the majority of their body products. There are a few items that do not contain highly objectionable ingredients, but may contain talc or bismuth which can be irritating to the sensitive skin.

I'm sitting here trying to make a cranky face for posting another ELF deal, but I can't quite get there. I think their cheaper products are awful and contain everything I warn against, but I really like their Mineral Lipstick. I feel so dirty. Anyway, they currently have 75% off their Studio Line products. These are quite a step above their regular $1 fare. Extra bonus on this deal is that you can get free shipping at a certain $ level and Bing Cashback (formerly Windows Live).

I bought a brush set, several individual brushes, eyelash curler, eyeshadow singles (talc, but acceptable), and threw in one of their blotting papers to get me over the hump. I figured anything I didn't like could go up for trade at Makeup Alley. Avoid anything liquid in the Studio Line. It will contain MCI and MIT. Avoid the blushes and face powders as well. Mineral oil. Yuck.

Deal Code: WWYB75S
Free Shipping: When your total is $18.75 after code (translates to starting total of $75).
Bonus: 10% Cashback if you go through Bing Cashback. People on SlickDeals are reporting they are receiving the 10% o their original total, so $7.50 cashback. You need to go through the ELF store listing on Bing:
2nd Bonus: Maybe. There is a deal on the ELF homepage if you spend $20 to get free Marie Claire OR a rebate back instead. I don't know whether this is before or after code.


  1. I hate to break it to you, but E.L.F. does contain parabens

  2. Um, yeah. I have noted that several times over the months in this blog. The particular products I mentioned in their MINERAL and STUDIO line do not have Parabens. The regular $1 garbage is full of Parabens.