Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elegant Minerals - 50% Sale

Elegant Minerals just sent out a code for 50% off everything on the site. Sept. 15-16 only. There is also a special section for Halloween makeup for kids.

From the e-mail:

September marks 6 wonderful years serving You - our wonderful customers.
We thank all of you who have helped us grow into one of the
Premier Mineral Makeup Companies.

We now have women and stores all over the world switching to Elegant Minerals.
Thanks to everyone for recomending EM.

To help celebrate, we're having a 50% OFF sale!
Two Day's Only!
Sept 15th & 16th 12a-12am CST

Just enter birthday2009 into the coupon box during checkout.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

GDA: TJ Maxx Clearance Sale

I had read that people were making incredible hauls from TJ Maxx over on Makeup Alley. Crazy prices like .30 and .50 for full size products. I decided to check my local one out. I didn't have the luck of some of the posters, but I found a few useful items that passed my ingredients test.

The brushes in the green bag are wood and boar bristle. I bought 2 sets. $1.00 each.
Juice Organics Moisturizer. I have wanted to try this for a while. $3.00.
The tin contains fizzing bath sea salt. $.70.
Faith in Nature Seaweed Conditioner. $1.00.

Remember to read your ingredients if you go on an expedition!

Cool Product: Epistick Hair Remover

I just received a nifty thing in the mail. It's called an Epistick and you use it to remove facial hair. It's basically a spring wire with plastic handles. Those of you who remember the original Epilator will recognize how this works. You bend it and twist it as you work up your face.

It seems to do a fantastic job with little face hairs. I just zipped through one side of my face before posting this. Personally, I did not think it hurt. There was a slight pinching feeling, but that was it. These products are recommended for facial hair only. I don't know how it would work elsewhere. If you get one of these, I recommend giving it a good wipedown with alcohol. I do the same thing with razor blades before I use them.

I bought mine off of E-Bay for $2, but you can buy the 'official' version of this which is called Bellabe for $16.99.

Here is a great video demonstration I found of how it works. Very simple.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BOO on Walgreens!

This week, Walgreens just unveiled their new website. It's just about impossible to navigate. My browser locks up with all kinds of script errors. But, that's not my biggest complaint. They have removed the frigging INGREDIENTS listings for their products. For years, they have been the go-to website when you wanted to check out a product's ingredients before chasing it down in a brick and mortar.