Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hair Coloring Horror: Why You Should Always Patch Test

Here is a hard lesson learned on why you should patch test a new product before smearing it on any part of your body. Also, hair chemicals are bad, mmmkay? There are natural hair coloring products out there. But, bottom line is this could happen to anyone with any product, so be careful and act immediately if you start noticing any discomfort, skin change or other reaction. I always keep Benadryl and Hydrocortisone handy, because you never know.

Also, parents this girl is 15. Parental supervision is needed when using any product like this.

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  1. Hi, may I suggest cosmetics?
    Really, 100% pure! Made from fruit pigments!

  2. omg. i thought the photo was fake!

  3. Off the topic of your current post, but I have only just started to learn about the harmful effects of parabens and begun looking for paraben-free products. I went into my bathroom tonight and read the ingredient labels on everything in my cabinets and I was completely surprised to find that my el-cheapo Suave antiperspirant and Suave Humectant Shampoo and Conditioner were paraben-free, as well as my generic Target brand knock off of Aveeno lotion. In fact, the only paraben-laden product I could find in my medicine cabinet was my husband's Barbasol shaving cream. For girls on a budget (like me) this is good news :)
    Thanks for all the good info!

  4. Use natural ingredient to color your hair Natural Henna color gives your hair natural shine and natural strenghten beside harsh color makes your face look like that girl Ha Ha

  5. Whoa - that's shocking! I must admit I'm always in too much of a rush to do a patchtest. But I've pretty much given up colouring my hair these days.
    The irony is it goes blonde in the sun, leaving the roots dark so I'm usually trying to darken it to match the roots!

  6. Hair colors are used as directed. As many as 25 different ingredients can cause harmful skin effects. Inflammation such as redness, sores, itching and burning occur.