Monday, November 16, 2009

Retraction & Apology: Zoya Lip Gloss Promotion - Updated

Update: Zoya sent me a PM on Twitter saying that my lip glosses were packaged in the old tubes and that the current formulation was safe. Those of you who have been around for a while will remember my last Zoya ingredients run in around the same time last year. I ended up talking to the vice president of the company who assured me my products were safe and promised that they would start posting their ingredients on the website. Well, that never happened. If you purchased the glosses, decide for yourself. Zoya is saying they are Paraben free. I just have an 'off' feeling about this and am tossing mine. I don't need the stress of wondering if my lip gloss is poison or not.

I can't decide on which emotion is stronger right now, but I am going to settle on disgust. A couple days ago, I put up a post about a promotion that Zoya is doing with their lip glosses. I just received mine today and excitedly tore open the package. The colors were beautiful but I was left stunned when I read the ingredients on these. I had bought a combo pack of polish and lip gloss last year and the gloss didn't contain this garbage.

I sincerely apologize if any of my readers took advantage of this deal. Zoya takes pride in not having dangerous chemicals in their nail polish. So, why are they trying to kill us with their lip gloss?

Zoya Hot Lips Glossy Lip Balm Ingredients:
Microcrystalline Wax
Palmitic Acid
Tocopheryl Acetate


  1. Wow! Unbelievable. Guess I won't be using those...

  2. Thanks for the retraction and keeping it real!

    My best, Lynn

  3. I also noticed that there are parabens on the ingredients list on the back of the gloss even though they claimed to be paraben free. This is leaving me questioning this company as well. Really disappointed, feeling lied to.

  4. Many kudos to you for reading labels and for asking questions of companies like this! I can't help but notice the first ingredient is polybutene. Whether or not they have eliminated parabens in their glosses (which are at the bottom of the list), I personally would not use them if they still contain polybutene (the first ingredient, which means the majority of the product is made of it). Polybutene is a synthetic petrochemical ingredient and its something I don't want to be ingesting (because if its on my lips, I will inevitably eat it) or put it my body.

    I've done some research on polybutene - about what it is and where it comes from, and if you're interested you can read more about it here:
    (read all the comments)

    This Zoya lip gloss ingredient deck does not look too different from that of a conventional brand like Alway, L'Oreal or Cover Girl.

    I like that you are an avid label-reader, but also encourage you to investigate other questionable preservatives like Phenoxyethanol (which is also in this ingredient deck). I've written about why I believe we should avoid Phenoxyethanol here:

    I appreciate your honestly in this post and for letting your readers know! It is refreshing indeed!


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