Thursday, December 17, 2009

UK Bans Photoshopped Oil of Olay Ads

I've been on a bit of a truth in advertising tear recently, and here is yet another story to get me fired up. 1960's supermodel Twiggy is part of a UK advertising campaign for Oil of Olay products. Well, as you can see from her ad above, she's had had some computer work done. I wish they would ban Photoshop junk like this here in the States.

Guardian Twiggy Article


  1. It seems like the UK is doing everything right the US isn't! LOL!
    Would you mind doing a short post on what shampoo/conditioner/lotion etc you use? I'm trying to hard to find safe chemical free products, but every time I find something it turns out to be bad, even if it's paraben-free!

  2. Why so brand specific though when hundreds of ads promote false advertising through photoshop retouching.

    Gigi @ Wholesaler

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