Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Beauty Blender - Worth the Money?

After watching several videos about the Beauty Blender, I finally broke down and purchased one of these crazy pink eggs. was having a sale and I picked it up for $15.  LOVE IT!  Naturally, I have my complaints, but for the money I would definitely recommend this.

I have sensitive skin, so the less poking I do at my face the better.  I have tried foundation brushes, stippling brushes and a wide variety of makeup sponges over the years.  My default is fingers.  The Beauty Blender gives me a more even look and to borrow a phrase, 'air brushed'.

It is interesting watching other people use their blenders.  Everyone does it a bit differently.  Some people soak their entire egg, others just an end.  Enkore even uses it with mineral makeup.  I am still experimenting with mine.

Price: $20

TIP:   Wet frequently during application.  It absorbs quickly and if you don't keep it wet, kiss your makeup goodbye.

  1. A snap to use, more complicated to use it well.  I'm mostly a wide-end user.
  2. Fantastic finish.  
  3. Speed.  I can do my foundation in half the time it used to take with my fingers.
  1. That frigging pink.  It looks pretty, but that dye just never stops giving.  I washed mine 10 times before I first used it and my sink was still full of hot pink dye.  Be careful where you lay this and of the water splashing.  I have spots on a shelf that are never going to come out.
  2. Difficult to clean.  I didn't purchase the cleaning solution with my sponge.  I normally use liquid castile soap to clean everything but it doesn't make a dent with the liquid foundation on this sponge. I have been using cheap bar soap to get the makeup off and then washing with my castile.

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