Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paraben Free WINNING!

I spent several hours this evening watching You Tube videos and am thrilled to see so many people reading their labels and avoiding Parabens and other dangerous chemicals.

I have also been revisiting many of the products I have dodged in the past due to Parabens and low-quality ingredients.   Whether manufacturers have finally started to bow to consumer pressure - or they see a hot new market - we are in a better position than ever before to find products on our shelves that won't send us to an early grave.



  1. I am trying so hard to be paraben free. I've gotten rid of almost everything in my beauty/makeup collection. But I can't seem to find a sunless tanner as good as jergens natural glow from the drugstore. But the majority of my items are paraben free and I feel so proud of myself.

  2. Addie - I have yet to see a sunless tanner without a long list of scary ingredients. Proud of you for the Paraben Purge!