Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update: Mary Kay Cosmetics Ingredients

My Mary Kay ingredients list continues to be the most-viewed page on the blog.  It is obvious there are quite a few people looking for more information on these products.  The original ingredients list that was provided by a Mary Kay rep is over 2 years old now.  If anyone is a rep or can provide me with an updated list of ingredients, I would appreciate it (e-mail is at the bottom of the page).  If the company has improved the quality of ingredients in their products, I will happily blog about that.  If not, consumers have the right to know and are actively seeking out this information. 

While searching the web for an updated ingredients list, I did run across an interesting post by a former Mary Kay sales rep who was experiencing severe problems with her estrogen levels. They returned to normal after she stopped using the products she sold.  This is one woman's experience, but certainly something that should make all of us cautious and ask questions about the products that we use.


  1. I would like this info as well. I left the company because of questionable ingredients. I want to go back because they've changed a lot of the products I used.

  2. I too stopped selling MK makeup because of the list of ingredients that is 19 miles long.

    The skin care was great, but they never could explain half the stuff even with a manual.

  3. I was a MK fan for many years but after 2 BCs (Stage 1) I gave it up for good! Thanks for your hard work on this blog, PFP.

  4. Does Mary Kay offer ANY paraben free products? My friend is now selling the line but I try to stay away from parabens. Thanks

  5. That is an excellent question. I honestly don't know if Mary Kay sells anything that doesn't have Parabens or other questionable products. It is just about impossible to get hold of an ingredients list. I know that reps used to be able to access the ingredients list in the product database. You may want to ask your friend to send you the ingredients of a couple skin car and makeup products just to see how they are doing. The ingredients were fairly awful a couple years ago.

  6. Hi! You need to provide another update to this blog for 2019! Mary Kay does not have parabens in their new products. We have made major changes in the past year! I have a pdf, dated August 2018 i can email to you. This covers the complete list of paraben free products.

    1. I'd very much appreciate it if you would email me the PDF re: paraben free new Mary Kay products I'm having some break-out issues and am not sure if it's the products I'm using. Thank you for you help.