Friday, July 1, 2011

Clever Products: Travalo and Flo Pocket/Purse Atomizers

I was watching You Tube last night and several gurus had been sent Travalo perfume vials by the company to review and they intrigued me. Researching a bit, I found a similar product called Flo.  Both have gizmos that allow you to fill them up directly from a spray bottle.  Good for perfumes or other liquid spray products you may want in a smaller container for your purse.  Both are the size of a lipstick tube.

NOTE:  Comments below are based on my research, I currently do not use either product.  Although, I did end up ordering one.  Keep reading.

First up is the Travalo.  MSRP $15.99.  I have seen it listed on sale for $12.99.  You can see more details and video on their Travalo website.  Here are the You Tube video reviews.

How it works:  You take the spray cap off your bottle, place the Travalo over the nozzle peg and start pumping until you reach your desired amount.  That simple. 

Watch the how-to video here:  Travalo Atomizer

  • Extremely easy to use. Bonus for the uncoordinated.
  • Spill-proof transfer.
  • Variety of pretty colors.
  • Window so you can see your liquid level. 
  • There isn't a bottom cover for this.  I would be a bit paranoid about leakage through the pinhole on the bottom - even though it does close after you fill it up.
  • You can only use this product on bottles with pegs.
  • I don't see a way to clean it out when you want to change out perfume.

Next up is the Flo.  MSRP is $14.95.  I have seen it on sale for $9.00.  You can see it in more detail on their Flo website

This one has a built-in silicone funnel on the bottom that allows you to fill from a variety of sources.  You can spray or pour liquid into it.  From the video it appears you press it against the sprayer and squirt.  Simple, but requires some coordination.

There are only a couple of You Tube videos for this product, so apparently they did not do the same guru push as Travalo.  The users I saw did not use it according to the video instructions below.  They were holding the bottles  back and spraying into the hole.  I think the purpose of the silicone is to seal the nozzle so all of your product goes into the tube instead of spraying all over.  

Watch the how-to video here:  Flo Atomizer

  • Fill it from a variety of bottles.
  • You can pour warm water into it to clean for fragrance change.
  • This does have a screw on bottom cover.
  • Medium difficulty to use.  Takes coordination.  May slosh or spill if you are not careful.
  • Choice of 3 colors.
  • No window to see the amount of product.  
  • Pink is currently sold out on their website.  
 So, which one did I end up purchasing?  I bought the Flo in basic black from Amazon for $8.69 with free Prime shipping.  I have used plastic funnels for atomizers for years without issue.  The problem always ended up being the atomizers themselves falling apart or not spraying correctly.  I will take a chance with this one and let you know how it turns out.

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