Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is Your Hair Flat, Dry, Or Cranky? Could Be Your Water Quality.

A few weeks ago, the water filter I've had on my shower for years physically broke and had to be removed.  I really didn't think it did that much, so I didn't immediately replace it.  Fast forward to a week later and I notice my shower has a layer of scum that I just can't get out without physical scrubbing.  My usual scrubbing bubbles shines the faucets up, but everything gets grimy as soon as I take a shower.  What I hadn't noticed was what was slowly happening to my hair.

I have very long hair that is somewhat wavy.  The healthier and happier my hair, the wavier it becomes.  From the moment I removed the water filter, my hair started getting flatter and flatter.  The texture started to change and become dry.  By the time I got another filter installed, my hair was completely straight and plastered to my head.  It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when they installed the low-flow showerheads and everyone's hair went flat. 

I'm currently in my second week with the new filter and my hair still hasn't fully recovered.  I never realized that the water at my house was so hard.  I started doing some research and discovered that approximately 85% of people in the US bathe in hard water. Now, hard water refers to just the minerals in the water, it doesn't even address all the chlorine and other chemicals that are added to city water to make it 'healthier'.   I have read on many hair care forums that people believe hard water doesn't only affect hair quality, it can cause baldness.   

This article sums up many of the problems that people may be experiencing due to hard water; acne, dry skin, Rosacea, and shaving problems.  I found another interesting one from the UK talking about doctor's prescribing water softeners for children who suffer from Eczema. 

If you have gone through endless product changes, but your hair or skin issues never seem to clear up, you may want to consider adding a water filter to your shower or home.  I will never be without one again! 

Interesting video showing hard water scrunge.


  1. Great post! Most people don't realize how important the quality of the water you shower with is! Ever since I put my shower filter on, I haven't looked back. A filter in today's toxin filled water supplies is a must. I even take it off and travel with it!

    Robin @

  2. Can someone recommend a good filter to use?

  3. I didn't know you could find a filter for shower heads to make hard water soft. I'd love some recommendations if you have them. I am fortunate enough to live in an area with soft water, but when I go home to my grandparents, they have hard water and my hair never gets clean.

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  5. Dryness is from the roots to the ends, the damage is usually concentrated in the designated area of ​​the hair. Dry hair looks dull and dull. Damaged hair is also pale, while damaged hair gets wet. Easily stripped.

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