Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Favorite Things: Crystal Body Deodorant - Paraben Free - No Aluminum Chlorohydrate - Environmentally Friendly

I have been using Crystal Body Deodorant for a decade now. I initially started using the rock crystal because it was really budget friendly. A rock if used and kept properly can last you for years. No joke. I used my last crystal deodorant stone for three years before I needed to buy a new one.

Crystal deodorant paraben free
But don't you stink? Um, no. The minerals in crystal deodorant create a barrier on your skin that helps prevent bacteria from forming. No bacteria, no funk. I did experience a week of weird smells as I transitioned from using a solid stick deodorant to the crystal. I think my body was actually detoxing from having my pores clogged up by Secret for so many years. Learn more about how mineral deodorants work.

I  have tried the spray and roller versions of Crystal Body Deodorant but prefer the simple rock. It's just a big rock of mineral salts with a little tray. It's cheap and I'd rather not use a tube or plastic bottle when a good alternative is available.

Benefits of using Crystal Body Deodorant:
  • It's paraben free, aluminum chlorohydrate free and doesn't clog up your skin.
  • There's no scent! 
  • It's safe for all ages.
  • You won't be throwing out plastic deodorant tubes X times per year.
  • It doesn't stain or smear your clothing. No more white stripes! Minerals are clear.
  • You will save crazy money by using a crystal. I bought a 5 ounce rock on sale at Trader Joe's for $5.50. My 3 ounce rock lasted 3 years. You do the math on 3 years of deodorant tube$.  
  • It travels easily. No worrying about spills or airport security.
  • You can use anywhere on your body. Say goodbye to stinky feet.

My recent purchase of a 5 ounce deodorant crystal from Trader Joe's. It comes with a little storage tray. If you look closely in the circle, you can see the sliver remains of the 3 ounce crystal I used for three years. These crystals will last forever if you use and store them correctly.

How I Use & Store My Deodorant Crystal:
  • After my shower (and I shower every day), I wet the crystal in the sink and give my underarms a couple of swipes. That's it. If you are still shower wet, you can use the crystal dry but I prefer a little extra moisture.
  • I give the crystal a quick rinse under the faucet and then store it in the tray in my bathroom cabinet.
  • Store it wet side up. If you store it face down, it will melt a bit (it is essentially salt) and create a rough texture on that side. 
  • Enjoy the savings, being paraben free and environmentally friendly!

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  1. I, too have so many unfinished bottles stacked in my closet waiting for their turn to come. I ususally buy a new product every month and totattly forgets about previous one.