Friday, May 27, 2016

Product Review: Circa Beauty by Eva Mendes

When I first discovered the Circa Beauty line by Eva Mendes, I was really excited. The products looked solid and I loved the art deco vibe of the packaging. The reality of my product experience is not a positive one. All but one of the 5 products I purchased ended up in the trash within the first 30 days. I've held off on doing a review because I was so aggravated and disappointed, I needed some distance to review objectively.

Circa Beauty by Eva Mendes

Circa Beauty by Eva Mendes. Available at, and - even though the Circa website says it's only available at Walgreens.

My first post about Circa was over a year ago. I ordered foundation, concealer, lipstick, lip butter and mascara from for $58. My receipt is at the bottom. When I started unwrapping and unboxing items, I noticed how poorly made and cheap the plastic packaging felt. It was pretty but the package quality reminded me of Wet 'n Wild. That was my first disappointment. There was so much more to come. Looking back, I should have boxed everything up and sent it back to Drugstore and spent my $58 somewhere else. I was just too stubborn and determined to make these products work for me.

My Circa Beauty product reviews:

Circa Beauty Color Balance Liquid Foundation Review

Circa Beauty Color Balance Liquid Foundation, 1 ounce - $15. This is a very high quality foundation for the price. It is extremely thick and I have to cut it with a drop of facial oil. I may purchase this again.

Solid glass bottle with a pump. The lid is cheap, ill-fitting plastic. I could turn the bottle upside down and shake it and the lid would fall off. I dropped this on the floor multiple times because of the lid. I eventually threw the lid away.

Circa Beauty Studio Edit Full Coverage Concealer Review

Circa Beauty Studio Edit Full Coverage Concealer, .15 ounces - $12. This concealer crayon was broken when I received it. I pulled off the cheap plastic cap and half the product fell to the bathroom floor. I cleaned it off and shoved it back into the tube. I tried to use this product a couple of times, but the crayon felt dry to me. I thew it all out after the product fell out onto the bathroom floor again.

Circa Beauty Optical Illusion Lash Lengthening Mascara Review
Circa Beauty Optical Illusion Lash Lengthening Mascara, .25 ounces - $11. The first time I opened this tube of mascara, the cap on the end came off. Just slid right off. I don't think it was even glued to the wand handle. I tried to glue it back on myself, but the cap just kept coming off. This went into the trash after two weeks.

The mascara itself was very good quality and had staying power. The wand did a good job of application. I had to really work to remove this mascara at the end of the day.

Circa Beauty Color Absolute Velvet Luxe Lipstick, 07 Vivien Review

Circa Beauty Color Absolute Velvet Luxe Lipstick, .12 ounces - $10. This is in the color Vivien. I actually laughed when I opened this tube. You can see in the product photo that it appears to be a subtle shade of pink. The actual lipstick was more of a coral neon flamingo. It was bright and it was loud, really loud. The packaging on this was slightly better quality than the others, but the lipstick was unusable to me. $10 out the window.

I did try it on just to test the product. The lipstick is thick and provides full coverage. I left it on about five minutes before I could feel my lips drawing because of lack of moisture.

Circa Beauty Color Treatment Tinted Lip Butter Review
Circa Beauty Color Treatment Tinted Lip Butter, .1 ounces - $10. This is in the color Sheer Poppy. I received the color in the photo. The packaging for this was just awful. They packaged what is essentially a skinny Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer stick into a lipstick case. Not much product at all. That clear plastic lid just sat on the base, it didn't snap on. I tried carrying this in my purse, but after the third time the lid came off, I was tired of it smearing the inside of my bag. This went into the trash.

The lip butter itself was nice. Subtle color and good moisture. I would buy it again if they would just package it in a regular lip balm tube.

In the end, the only product from the Circa Beauty line that did not make it into the trash within 30 days of my purchase is the foundation. I still have a quarter of the foundation left and save it for when I need thick coverage. Overall, I think the Circa Beauty line has some quality products for the price. However, any advantage they may have with quality is being overshadowed by the cheap packaging impacting the user experience. Would you use a product that fell out of the tube every time you picked it up? Circa Beauty Order Circa Beauty Order


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